Closing Thoughts

Creating a Dance/Movement Therapy workshop for the students at CSU Channel Islands and other community members involved in Relay for Life was a creative process that I thoroughly enjoy. I learned a lot from guiding three very different workshops with participants who all explored at there own level. I am glad to have had the opportunity to observe students identifying their emotions and expressing them through movement and dance to create self-awareness and find an inner balance.

This project has given me the opportunity to explore a combination of dance and psychology but with hands-on experience to apply my research. I was actually approached by two women during Relay for Life who are interested in creating a project with me. They are the leaders for a cancer support group and after discussing my workshop goals and activities, I gave them my contact information and they plan on working with me in the future. I was also speaking with a faculty member about my project and she is currently part of an organization that is also looking for a workshop that can be repeated over a period of time. She also took my contact information and will be speaking with me in the future. With both my research and personal experience, I have come to an interesting conclusion about using Dance/Movement Therapy. Those who were exposed to either the idea or the actual workshops understood why it worked and expressed a lot of further interest, even if they had no dance background.